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hatching filling problem in 3d

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Can someone tell me when 3d hatches will be available in VW?

Archi-Cad and Autocad support this features even for a longer period of time.

Has someone have had good results wrapping textures on solidobjects?

I mean it seems pretty nasty to render this thingy out.

Thanks in advance


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VW doesn't have 3D hatches but there are ways to mimic it and give more flexibility.

Example. For a shaded perspective with lines, create a viewport of the perspective or section you need, copy it, change the render mode to OpenGL (eg instant), paste in place to place the copy over the original, change the render style to Hidden lines. If you have a designer level product you can also add sketch lines to this as well.

For a 3D hatch effect go to the section you have created (assuming it is a 3D section), et the view orthgonal and in the section plane and trace over the section with the 2D ploygon tool. Fill it with a Hatch via the Hatch tool (not the fill attribute), convert the lot to 3D lines, change the view towhat you want - job done. 3D hatch.

A bit clunky? Perhaps. But ultimately flexible and the lines will be vector sharp not bitmaps as sometimes happens with shaded views in other apps.

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