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using jpegs in back of model (rendered)

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The image is a 2D object, so it will obscure the model.

Create a RenderWorks background from the image OR create a texture from the image and apply it to a 3D environment behind the model (you'll have to draw an extrude for this)

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Yes of course! Once you've set up the image as a texture, edit the texture. This will open a window with a number of settings. In the lower left corner, you will see "size" and a radio button with "set to image." Tap that button, and it will let you draw a line and apply a length to it.

It will likely take some fine tuning i.e. in the OIP, under the Render tab is image "mapping" which will let you set the method of texture mapping and any horizontal or vertical offset adjustments that you want to make. Good Luck!

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