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Workgroup References in a Model


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I've got a problem, that I can't solve:

I'm working on a rather large commercial project where I'm developing different areas of the project, in different documents on different computers. All the documents are referred to a single 'Masterplan' so to speak, all fine up to there, but ...., when I create a model layer to 'group' them together and see the whole .... I don't see the referred layers. What I'm I doing wrong, or is this a problem of the application?

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Don, what he means is that Layer Links are not supported by a WGR, so any layer referenced into the "master" file will not contain any layer links. Since "model" layers in the referenced file are constructed using Layer Links, those layers will basically be empty in the master file.

You have to go back to basics by referencing your actual Design Layers, or the layers that the objects were constructed in, and then gathering them into a new Model Layer in your "master" document by creating Layer Links.

PS: I'm not sure, but I think that Islandmon is using "master" and "subordinate" in the reverse sense of your original post; I'm using the terms as I think you are - i.e., the file that contains the references is the "master" and the files in which the "pieces" are created are the "referenced" files. I actually think something like "container file" and "contributor files" might be more intuitive.

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Correct on the latter... the funny thing is that when I create, a viewport of the plan view of all layers (including WGR layers) in the 'Master' file, into a sheet layer with my templates and all, and then I select any isometric view for that viewport, I can see the model, but obviously not in a given perspective view .... or is there a way to see perspectives at eye level, in viewports?

I just don't understand that you can refer WGR layers in viewports and not see them when linked in a model layer ... maybe Nemetschek should look in to that possibility ..... anyways, thanks Pete.

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Don, not quite sure what you are saying. The correct way to construct a model is to establish a model layer, then in that layer create Layer Links of all the appropriate design layers containing 3d objects. The layers linked can be native to the file, or can be WGR layers. Once you have assembled the model in this way, including any lighting desired, position a view that is to your liking and create a Viewport on a sheet layer. The viewport is then looking at your single model layer containing all the Layer Links. From the viewport you can adjust the exact perspective, but I find it easier to adjust the perspective in the model layer itself, using the various viewing tools.

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I made the model layer as you say, exactly the same, and work on the same basis, but the WGR layers that are linked to the model layer, don't show anything ... it's as if they can't find the info, and on the other hand, when I create a viewport in a sheet layer, that contains all the information in 2D/Plan view, I can see all the layers together ... when I select it and press '3' in the numbers keyboard, I see that same information in isometric view ... that's what I don't get? .... in a viewport, I see all the model (and 2D info) in all the isometric views ... but in a model design layer with links to all the others .... nothing .... except the native layers in the file, that contain some 3D objects .......

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in a viewport, I see all the model (and 2D info) in all the isometric views ... but in a model design layer with links to all the others .... nothing .... except the native layers in the file, that contain some 3D objects .......

Don, double check your class view settings. When you are looking at the model layer, you may have certain classes turned "invisible" which will supress their display.

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