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2 Wishes



1) would it be possible to get rectangles to remain as rectangles after they've been rotated. instead of being converted to polygons. Thus to allow their 2 sides to be accurately changed in the obj info pallet. :)

2) it's possible to change views and save them in 3D. Can we please do this in 2D? I'm designing buildings with funny angles in them, meaning that few of my rooms are in line with the x or the y. It would be great if we could rotate the 2D view, if we do it at the moment it changes to a 3D view. :) It can be done in AutoCad.


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Though VW doesn't handle Rotated Rectangles at the moment, it is currently possible to edit polygons in a rectangular pattern as you would Rectangles (by length and width). Additionally, you can edit the angle of rotation and anchor any vertex, any midpoint on a side, or the center. This also includes Polylines in a rectangular pattern. To do this, you need to add my Reshaper PlugIn to your bag of tools.

If you'd like to try an evaluation copy for a month, please drop me a line with the last 6 digits of you VW serial number and I will send you a Demo version and a KEY to unlock all its features.

In addition to editing Rotated Rectangles, you will gain access to dozens of object parameters that are inaccessible through the OIP.

As for your second question, Reshaper won't help you there, but you're not the only one waiting for this magical feature.



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I have the tool you need - as a plug-in I found on http://www.vectordepot.com/PlugIns1.shtml - I believe...

It's called "rectagon" and gives you the possibility to edit a and b sides of a rotated rectangle, if it is drawn by the tool from start. It's not perfect, because it only works from the center line, but it's still extremely useful. Why NNA does not provide it is a mystery!

It has been a while since I found it, but it is out there somewhere. Sorry I can't help you more, but just knowing it is there might be encouraging.

Let us know what you find!

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OK BG. I might have to correct myself.

There are two more tools I've failed to notice. I've just been so happy with the rectagon tool and never felt the need for another tool, so i never saw and never tried "rectangle 2 and rectangle 3" - quite similar tools, probably new VW features.

Anyway - the rectagon has the advantage that you get the area of the rectangle. You can also lock the area, so that if you change sid A, side B will change accordingly to preserve the area.

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