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Installing Vectorworks 12.5.1




Ive just purchased a new laptop with Windows Vista.

And have tried to install VW 12.5.1 onto it.

The way I have done this is to install VW 12.1 ( because thats the Disk that I have) and then upgrade it to 12.5.1.

It all installs fine ( Vista doesn't complain.... It just does it)

Then when I go to start it. I get the following error.

"The application failed to initialise properly (0xc0000022). Click Ok......"

Ive had a few goes at it. The other thing that is a little weird is that when I go to the Vista "programs" app in Control panel Vectorworks isnt listed

Do I need to get hold of a Disk of 12.5.1 or any other Ideas?



VW 12.5.1 Vista Business. Core Duo 2 Ghz. 1 Gb RAM

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Thanks a lot for your help. It was a security issue.

As Im sure you know Vista has a UAC options inside its user accounts. With that on I couldnt install either VW or antivirus software... etc

Anyway all installed now, Thanks for sending me in the right direction

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