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how do the libaries work??

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I do not understand how the Libaries work?. This is a follow on from a previous enquirey. There are files in the hatch libary that are un-available from the hatch menu, (in the attributes pallet) when you open a a new file. Do you have to open the libary file in order to use those hatches? how do i make all hatches available all the time?

How do you access the other libary components? Are they for use in the resource browser only?




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To have an hatch available through the Attribute Palette or the Hatch menu, the hatch has to be available as a resource in the current active drawing.

Go to the hatch library w/ a hatch you'd like to use.

Right click on the Hatch and choose "Import"

Now, when you go to the Modify > Hatch menu, or choose a hatch fill style in the Attribute palette, the newly imported hatch will be available for use.

The hatch is only imported into the current drawing, so when you want to use it in another file, it will have to be imported to that file too.

This is applied to any other resource in the Resource Browser - it has to be imported into the current drawing to use.

You can also drag and drop a resource, such as a symbol, from the Resource Browser (RB) to the drawing.

As you import resources into your document, you'll start to see them building up in the current file. To look at the resources for the file, click on the drop down box at the top of the Resource Browser and scroll all the way up to the top under "Open Files" (it's in gray) and choose the file you are working in.

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