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Do you edit shortcut keys?

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... I have a USB Tenkey pad on the leftside ...
Good idea. Sounds like you're all set. I assume you've discovered that the keypad Enter key has special functions? It moves you into the first cell of the Data Display bar, and then cycles through the other cells. And it also exits from the text editor.
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jan15 sez: The keyboard shortcuts are faster for some people, but only if we use both hands at once. If you move your hand from the mouse to the keyboard to change tools, that's going to take longer than staying with the mouse and clicking on an icon.

I prefer to keep the cursor on the drawing (rather than jumping back and forth between the drawing and the icon palette) even though it's slower to key in commands that way. When I use the mouse to click on icons, I end up losing my place in the drawing. That may be a bit retarded, but it's most comfortable to me.

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