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custom select by z value??

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Is there a way to select objects based on their z value (elevation)? As an example--we frequently do extensive editing of topographic site surveys and it would be nice to be able to select, say, all the contour lines with elevations between 3100' and 3200', or whatever.

Thanks in advance,

Barbara Nelson

RLK Hydro, Inc.

Kalispell, MT, USA

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This is not a feature in VectorWorks. The custom selection cannot work off of coordinates. I will add this to our wish list as a suggestion, so it may be added in a future version of VectorWorks

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Well, darn. I was hoping you would have a simple solution. Would it be possible to write a VectorScript to do this? I've never written one, but it might be worth learning how to do it just to get this feature, it is something we would use all the time.

Thanks for your help--

Barb Nelson

RLK Hydro, Inc.

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I can select a range of 3d locus only, unfortunately not the contours (poly3d) through the range of z elevations -like you want-...but, let me show you the custom selection 3d locus procedure, maybe this will be a useful procedure for you:

If you get the 3D locus of your active DTM model through the data file import, (generally a text file obtained from a data collector: Hp48GX, Sokkia SDR 31-33, etc) and this locus have the coordinates and elevations data (into the survey data record) you can select a locus elevation range:

1-Go to "organize" menu

2-Active "Custom Selection"

3-Let active the 'select' buttom

4-Pick the "create script" buttom

5-Click the criteria buttom

6-From 'List Offset whose' select "field value" "Z" and use the resources '<' and '>' to indicate the range of selection: like all z between 600m and 625m...click ok or done, and now you have a new macro selection.



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thank you, Juan! This file came to us originally as a v14 AutoCAD .dwg file, so there is no "z" field value (or at least, not that I can find). But your method makes me wonder if we could export the points as a text file, then re-import them. hmmm, will have to play with this. thanks for your response--

Barb Nelson

RLK Hydro

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