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spiral ramp

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I am struggeling to create a spiraling ramp in whatever way I tried so far. The helix-spiral tool looked promising, but resulted in a completely twisted surface.

To explain what I am looking for: To start with, take a multi storey car park which has a spiral ramp connecting it's various levels.

I referred the "Doorstopper" Tutorial, thinking that it was quite similar to what I was looking for. It works fine to extrude the circle along the spiral path, however, when I replace the circle with a rectangular object it twists the object while extruding it.

Any suggestions as to how to solve this? To me it seems like a fairly standard operation, so I presume there should be a pretty straight forward way to do this.

(Working on VW 11.5.1)



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Thanks Islandmon. I never would have guessed that VW could take that straight image and curve it to match. I know that I sometimes get frustrated at what this program cannot do. It is times like this that I need to step back and stand in awe at what it can do.

Thanks again.

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Islandmon. I have tried to recreate your example but I am stumped. I can create sweeps all day long. But how did you put a texture on your sweep object?

It appears that your object has a texture already and that you swept that. Putting a texture on the finished sweep is not the answer.

A polygon cannot take a texture and a 3D polygon cannot be swept.

You are a magician. I only hope that you will reveal your secret :-).

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