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vectorworks sucks


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You really don?t wont anyone to know how you are screwing your customers, do you

Our office has 20 picturesmakers we brought from you guys and now you wont to give us our money back, will you give us the money back on the vectorworks to. Why did you disabled picturemaker 8.5.1 version of VectorWorks.

Will you give everyone that purchased picturmaker their money back to?

You guys are going out of business.

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JoJo ,

We have no problem with you voicing your opinion on the message board. You have every right to yell and scream at the top of your lungs about our policies. You are asking about getting your money back and we have told you to contact our customer service department. To be honest if you even want to use customer service 800 number (1-888-minicad) feel free to do so. We will help as much as we can, but as much as you want the Tech Support message board is not the place to discuss this. We can only provide technical help to you and give you the truth of the situation, which is, the plug-in is not working in the 8.5.1 version of Vectorworks. Will we change it back in a newer version of the software? We may. Will we provide you a refund? We may. Contact our customer service and we will see what we can do.

Your Complaints have two valid forums one is General and the other is Rendering please refrain from posting your opinions in the unrelated discussion areas. We will delete and /or move any topics that do not pertain to the area. If the topic has already been posted by you in the correct areas we will just delete the duplicate posts simply because we assume you have made a mistake and we don?t need our server flooded with duplicate posts.


Shawn Waithe

Diehl Graphsoft inc.

Tech Support Manager

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