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I have been using Autocad for a long time in other offices before starting with Vectorworks on my own.

One feature that I miss and one that ought to be included in Vectorworks is PRINT TO WINDOW comand or print fence area command. With this command a the print can be scaled as required to fit on a page say 8 1/2X11 page with a drawing at 1/8"=1'-0" scale.

Microstation has a feature like this as well.

This capability would help with straight forward and quick check plots of a small portion of a drawing or all of it if required.

Thanks in advance for looking into it in the future releases of VW.

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If I understand your description of the Windows command it allows you to print just certain areas of a drawing at a size scaled to fit a particular size paper, such as letter. I perform this function on a regular basis allowing me to fax a progress print of the drawing. Simply save your drawing, use the page setup diaglog to select letter (or whatever) size paper and a scale appropriate to enclose the desired drawing area. Be sure your print area diaglog is set to "one page". The print area bounding box within your drawing window represent the area of your selected paper. Simply use the page boundary tool (? name) to move the bounding box over the desired area to be printed, and select "print". I usually then "revert to saved" just so I don't have to manually reset the sheet boundry locations.

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