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New Message Board Features


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Below is a list of key message board features included in the most recent update:

Ability to attach images to posts without external URL

What this means:

You can attach an image, similar to attaching images to an email, to an individual post. The size limit is just under 1MB.

To attach an image to a post, follow the steps below:

Create a New Topic or use the "Reply" button within a thread to create your post.

Click on the "File Manager" link.

*Note: You may have to click on the Preview Post button before the "File Manager" link is available.

Use the new box to browse and upload the file.

(See image 4-1 and 5-2 below)

If you use the Quick Reply (typing in the box while viewing a post), you do not have access to adding a file.

You must use the Reply button at the bottom of a previous post within a thread.

** This only works for Mozilla 4 compliant browsers. (Should include most current browsers)

Topic Rating Improvements

What this means:

The ability to rate topics was new in the former message board. Now, the rating option is located in a more visible location.

Mail "Topic to Friend" enabled

What this means:

All registered users, moderators, and admins can quickly send a message board thread or post to a "friend". VectorWorks community "friends" will surely include easy emails to tech support, specific moderators, and other users. This makes describing a posted problem to tech support a breeze for message board users.

Customized Watch Lists

What this means:

You can now add topics, forums, or users to a "watch" list. Any time a post is added to something on your watch list, you can choose for an email to be sent to you. In addition, you can quickly view all posts relating to a watch list.

Instructions are below.

To turn on a watch list:

For a Forum

Click on the forum title

In the upper left corner, click on "Forum Options"

Choose "Add Forum to Watched Forums"

For a Topic

Click on a topic title

In the navigation bar just above the first post, click on "Topic Options"

Choose "Add topic to watched topics"

For a User

Click on user name in a post

Choose "Add to your Watched Users"

To remove a forum or post/thread/topic or user from a watch list, repeat the coordinating above steps, only choose "Remove forum/topic/user from watched forum/topics/user"

To set email notification of changes/posts to watched forums/topics, go to "My Stuff" in top navigation bar.

Choose "My Preferences"

Choose the "Yes" radio button next to " By default should anything added to your Watch Lists be emailed to you?" (towards the bottom)

To quickly view watched forums/topics, go to "My Stuff"

Choose "My Watch Lists"

Navigate through the tabs to view either forums, topics, or users.

Then choose the subject to view all items being watched in the group.

RSS Feeds Enabled

What this means:

You can now catch the latest posts RSS style. Any forum RSS feed you subscribe to will be available in your RSS viewer.

To subscribe to RSS feeds:

Go to "Forum List" from the navigation bar at the top.

Go to the forum to be subscribed to.

In the navigation bar just above the first post, click on "Forum Options" and choose "RSS: ..."

At the next screen, click on the "Subscribe" button.

Active Topic Improvements

What this means:

You can now choose whether the "Active Topics" links show you all new active topics in the past 24 hours, 48 hours, or 7 days.

In addition, when you mouse over a topic in "Active Topics" a preview box pops up displaying the body of the most recent post.


Numerous performance issues have been addressed in this update.

If you experience problems, please don't hesitate to contact me.

Specify a reason for edit of post

What this means:

When editing one of your posts, you can enter a reason for the edit which displays in italics below signature.

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