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I was told a while back that it's possible to generate a plot file from VW. True? If so how do you do it? Does anyone think this is more reliable than making a pdf file? I'm not happy with the way the pdf maker deals with fills and patterns sometimes.

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Have you tried a different PDF maker, or tweaking the settings on the one you've got? And are those fills and patterns actually printing badly, or just looking bad on screen?

Printing using a plot file is just like printing to a plotter -- i.e. the same problems that you have when you buy a new plotter and try to print to it. The first few times there may be glitches, and you may have to try different things to get it to work. But when it works, it usually works well.

You can make a plot file from any Windows application. It's an operating system function. It takes the stream of 1's and 0's that would normally be sent to the printer port, and sends them to a disk file instead. Just install the driver for the plotter that's going to be used (or whatever the print service recommends), and then print as normally, only check the box for "Print to File".

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I would rephrase that and say a "PDF file can be considered a plot file", but it does not replace the standard .plt (plot) (non-PostScript) or .prn (print) (PostScript) file format or need.

If you are working with a service bureau (print bureau / shop / house) I would talk to them to see what options you have.

Some print bureau's are very strict about the file format they accept due to their own software limitations & requirements.

If they only accept plot files, then you will need to create a plot file.

A plot file is created through the Print dialog box by choose to save to a file rather than print.

The steps are different depending on the printer selected. It's best to install the print driver of the same printer being used by the print bureau when possible. I realize this is not always possible, so installing a print driver with similar page margins and printing options is a good alternative.

The key part here is communication with your print bureau to see what their needs are, and find common ground with your own printing needs.

(If you need help creating a plot or print file, please contact Tech Support at tech@nemetschek.net or 410-290-5114. Please be sure to include your OS and printer driver being used to generate the print file)

If they only take TIFF files, then you can create those through the Export Image dialog box.

While more and more print bureau's are accepting PDF files, there's still quite a number of them that don't. Please be sure to ask the print bureau whether or not this is an option.

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