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VW-exported PDF produces error at printers



One of our printers, Azographics, consistently gets an error when they try to print PDFs exported from VectorWorks 12.5.2b (and maybe 12.5.1), as opposed from saved via Mac OS X's print dialogue (which they can use with no problems).

Is there anything I can tell them to help them trouble-shoot it and get the ball rolling?

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I've noticed that too - older Adobe products can't read files exported from 12.5.1, whereas stuff printed using PrimoPDF or PDF995 work just fine. The latest Acrobat (v7 i think) handles VW exported PDFs fine so it's probably a version issue - maybe your printer needs to get an update!



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I had a similar issue.

Using the Batch PDF export I got a nice quick PDF that looked fine on the computer. I emailed it to my reprographics house. They take PDFs and convert to TIFFs and then print, don't ask why.

The prints came back without text in all of my callout boxes. The text showed fine on the computer but did not print.

I reran the job using the old Batch Print function and printed to an Acrobat PDF printer on my computer. As usual, this printed fine at my repro house.

The obvious frustration here is that the PDF on the screen looks fine, so there is no way to know if the file is faulty.



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The software used by reprographics companies in the printing process or conversion process is likely to not be compatible with the latest PDF file type, which is what gets created by VectorWorks Export to PDF option.

I would ask them about the software they use to handle and/or convert the files in the printing process and ask them to check for updates.

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If you are using the Export to PDF function in VectorWorks, the transparency should be inherited. (If you are on a Mac, quartz imaging must be enabled)

If you see the transparency when you open the PDF, but don't when printing, then the printer is not a postscript printer.

To print transparency, you need a PS printer.

If you don't see the transparency in the PDF, that's another story.

If that's the case, send me and email with your configuration and I'll help work through it with you.

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