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Transparent Projector Screen

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Does anyone have any experience creating a transparent "projector screen" which an image map on it? I created a 10m5m "screen" which was a solid object. I then created a new texture from an image file and set the transparency to 50% and applied to my screen. It works great, if you put objects behind it you can see them, if lit by light sources place behind the screen. My problem is that the image is very dark - in order to see it properly you need to put some light sources in front of the screen. The problem with this is of course that the light sources also light everything else in front of the screen and behind the screen (along with the screen). Is it possible to create a "screen" with an image texture which is transparent, but "emits" it's own light, without the need to put light sources?



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You could put an area light behind the screen and add a Translucent Reflectivity to the texture, but this will

a/ light the area in front of the screen, and,

b/ take forever to render.

Probably the easiest way would be to manipulate the image that you are using on the screen to make it appear "bright".

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