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How can I trim multiple lines simultaneously?

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This may sound like a dumb question, but is there a way to do this? I've created an array of lines from the center point of an arc and want to remove the section of lines from the center point of the arc and leave only those that extend beyond the arc.

In AutoCAD, there is a "fence" command to trim the selected lines.

I do know that I can first set up the trimmed lines to array, but there are many cases where I find a series of objects/lines that already exist and need to be trimmed.

Thanks in advance for your thoughts and solutions.

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There are two things to try.

The clip tool draws a marquee that you can use to trim lines--but only orthogonally.

If you use the clip surface tool you can trim any shape you can draw. In your example you would need a shape on top tf the lines that aligns with the arc. Select everything and choose clip surface.

This is a tool find I use so often that I have a keyboard shortcut set up for it.

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Use the Connect/Combine tool not the trim tool - strange but true. Select the lines to the trimmed, choose the connect combine tool, first option, hold the ALT ket down and click from the endpoint of one line to the object you wish to trim to. Exactly same method as Jonathan's Podcast shows but you are trimming to the line/curve rather than extending to it.

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You could select the arc, then issue the Trim command (which cuts all those radial lines at the point where they intersect the arc), then optionally issue the Copy command (which gets the arc onto the clipboard), then use a selection box to select all the inner parts of the radial lines and delete them, and if necessary issue the Paste In Place command (which puts the arc back where it was).

4 to 6 clicks, depending on whether you decided to Copy the arc to the clipboard (so that you wouldn't lose it when selecting and deleting the radial lines inside it) and, if so, whether you had to paste it back in place afterward or were just as glad to be rid of it.

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