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Touchy extrude along path

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I've been having trouble with the Extrude Along Path tool. I consistantly get the deadly "Invalid path or profile (objects)" message when there's no reason I should. Sometimes I can get it to work if I use a circle instead of a rectangle or polygon for the profile or if I change point to beziers on the path, or use a path object with three or fewer vertices, but this gives me a shape I can't use.

What am I doing wrong? What counts as a "valid" object?


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I've tried numerous combinations of polylines, polygons, nurbs, lines, circles, rectangles, 3D polys, toms, dicks & harrys. Some work, some don't but there doesn't seem to be any fathomable logic to what it deems "valid". A circle can be used as a profile where a rectangle can't. A nurbs curve with bezier vertices will work as a path where one with point vertices won't. I've tried to come up with a work around, but for my situation there's no clean alternative. I hate to alter the design to accommodate the limitations of the software.

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A rectangle should work, and so should the other nurbs situation.

Send the file/info to tech support and they can work with the engineer to see if there's an alternative approach to what you are trying to create.

It should also be sent to bug submit so the quality issue is resolved in a future version.

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The main reason for this operation to fail is when you get self intersection - eg - the resultant sweep has areas where the shape crosses itself.The best thing to do is ensure that this never happens (as would be the case in real life anyway). Also the location of the path relative to the profile is critical - best practise is to ensure the profile is normal to the path at the start point. It works fine on 2D and 3D paths if you follow these rules.

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