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Attribute and SKs

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We are still debating whether or not to go to putting our text on the viewport attribute.

The consensus in the office seemed to be moving in that direction until the issue of SKs came up.

When issuing a sketch during construction, I would typically set up a new sheet layer for an 8.5 x 11 sheet with a viewport to a specific area of the drawing that needs to be changes/clarified whatever.

But with the text in the viewport one would loose the text in the sketch. Right?

Has anyone dealt with this issue?

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In my way of working, annotations are usually best in the viewports. If you have, for example, an Arch E sized sheet layer filled with a viewport of, say, your entire site plan with annotations in the viewport, you can prepare a construction revision sketch of a portion of it scaled to letter size and retain the original annotations. Lots of words, but it's fairly simple:

Go to your site plan design layer (no annotations here), create a new viewport cropped to the area you want to examine. Save it to a new, sheet layer. Don't worry about sheet size, VP scale and location, yet. You can change that later.

Go to your original siteplan sheet and viewport, enter annotation mode, and select/copy your original site plan annotations in/near the new VP area. Exit annotations. Now go to your new sheet layer and VP, enter annotation mode and paste-in-place your orig annotations. Group these annotations. Add your new revision clouds and annotations. Put the new annotations in a group or special class or color to separate and track them. Change the color or weight of the orig annotation group as nec. Exit annotation mode, set the sheet layer size to Letter, and scale/center the VP to fit the new letter size sheet.

Sometimes, it is helpful to put some annotations on the design layer (contour grade elevations?) others in the VP. It's a matter of your preferences and work flow.

Is that what you were trying to do? There may be a way to do this with Work Group Referencing, too, but I am not up on that.


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i still have not gotten into viewport annotations, unless i feel really lazy. generallly we create SK layers wher the specific info is located. this works well for details especially. if we need to show a particular area of a plan, we use the design layers and simply create a viewport cropped to that area, and link the design layer w/annotation to it. works well and is approriate to our office standards.

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