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Windows and palettes display garbage

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After I have been working on a file for a while, if I scroll the drawing or move a palette out of the way nothing but "garbage" is displayed and I have to minimize the window. The best way to describe it is that it looks like a TV with the horizontal hold messed up. When I restore the window it's fine but then it happens every time something on the screen moves.

The only way to fix it then is to quit and restart VectorWorks.

I am running VW 8.5.1 on a Mac 6500 with OS9.

And by the way I still can't get texture mapping to work even after reinstalling the program!!!

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Refer to "List of problems with VW 8.5.1" in this message board. Otherwise referred to as the 'barber-pole' or 'flying carpet' effect, I have prevented it from occurring by going to 256 colours, but I am still experiencing the problem with thousands of colours turned on.

I am yet to try a full reinstall (as opposed to an upgrade) of my videoCard extensions/driver.

Good luck.

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I am having the same problem as well, tried re-installing full program with extensions off but that was no help. I too am using a MAC 6500, Sonnet G3/300, and OS 9. Checked for new drivers at Apple and ATI, I have the latest. So, it looks like 256 colors is the next step. Any suggestions on different video cards that do work?

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