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Importing DWG and / or DXF



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I have seen this, too. Generally with a large file, but not always. Here are things that worked for me:

-Go away and leave it alone, while importing. Eat lunch. Sometimes the DWG objects are very complex, even though they seem simple, and therefore take a very long time to import.

-If you can edit the original files in, say, AutoCAD, remove half of the objects and create a new file with those. Then create another file with the remaining objects. Try to import each new file. This will help to eliminate items that are slowing the process. If they both import, you can cut and paste everything back together. I keep TurboCAD on my PC for just this sort of thing. It works with DWG files, natively, and costs about $100.00. Very worth it, if you import often.

-This will seem stupid, but try renaming the file. Use something short and simple.

-What are the details of your computer? Sometimes updating the video drivers is enough to accelerate this sort of issue.

Keeping my fingers crossed...

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Does it hang before you get to the import options screen or after?

What is the version of the file?

Do you know if there are xref's in the file?

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If it has xref's, it could be a case of circular referencing.

If you are using the single import method, it should not hang if the xref's have been bound. If they haven't been bound, it may just take a while.

If you want, send the file over to me or tech@nemetschek.net and we'll take a look at it.

Please include version, all this info, and your OS info.

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I am having this problem importing illustrator files as single .dwg into an existing vectorworks file.

The import is 47k, just a simple illustration.

After the import window I can see the drawing but the cursors becomes a clock face and flashes "render" in the upper right corner. has been for 20 minutes, seems like an awfully long time...

I would like to be able to do this efficiently to add design elements and illustrations to designs.

Anyone's experience would be welcome.

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I seem to be running into buggy ground with this one.

I can scale and change the properties of this 2d symbol.

I seem to lose a portion of the drawing when I extrude (it just disappears) but have gotten around this by creating a tapered extrude without the taper, thereby creating a simple extrude.

Exiting the symbol I now have a 3d symbol that appears solid as an open GL rendering.

I now place this object aligned with my solid addition, select them both and subtract solid.

What I get is the cutout of my image but not a solid, there are no sides, it just looks like my image cut out from 2 pieces of paper with a space between.

What am I doing wrong?

Does the DWG have to import as a symbol?

How else can I get to the final object I want to see?

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