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IFC Version 2x3 Plug-ins and GSA-compliant Space Object


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Nemetschek North America Announces Public Beta for Upcoming IFC Version 2x3 Plug-ins and GSA-compliant Space Object

Columbia, Maryland (April 18, 2007)?Nemetschek North America announced today that beta versions of its upcoming IFC v.2x3 plug-ins and a new GSA-compliant Space object are now available for download and testing by VectorWorks Architect users.

?We are excited about becoming members of the community of fully-capable IFC authoring applications and look forward to seeing the creative uses to which the VectorWorks Architect user community will put these capabilities,? says Robert Anderson, AIA, Nemetschek North America?s vice president of integrated products. ?We think IFC has great potential, not only as a project exchange format, but also as a standardized way of delivering building product data for BIM applications, and have designed our plug-ins to allow this particular use. We are, of course, also excited about building the capabilities for spatial program validation into our new Space object for our users doing work for the GSA.?

The IFC plug-ins allow VectorWorks Architect users to export VectorWorks files as IFC files, as well as import IFC files from other IFC-compatible Building Information Modeling (BIM) programs. This data can then be used throughout a construction project?s life cycle, for applications that include costing and quantity surveying, energy analysis, structural design and detailing, facility management and space analysis, and building performance modeling, such as code compliance and interference checking.

Nemetschek North America has participated in certification meetings for IFC v.2x3 compliance and anticipates receiving Level 1 certification for VectorWorks Architect in the very near future.

Nemetschek North America will also be testing a new version of VectorWorks Architect?s Space object, which has been completely re-engineered to meet the latest version of the GSA (General Services Administration) BIM Guide spatial requirements. This will allow design teams using VectorWorks Architect to create architectural models that can validate their spatial program requirements (for example, area and efficiency ratios) using automated IFC model checking.

For more information about and to download the beta versions of the IFC plug-ins and improved Space object, please visit www.nemetschek.net/BIM

More about IFC

The Industry Foundation Classes (IFC) data model is a neutral and open specification that is not controlled by a single vendor or group of vendors. It is an object-oriented file format with a data model developed by the IAI to facilitate interoperability in the building industry and a commonly-used format for BIM. IFC allows information to be shared and maintained throughout a construction project?s life cycle: design, analysis, specification, fabrication, construction, and occupancy.

More about IAI and BuildingSMART

IAI is an alliance of organizations dedicated to bring about a coordinated change for the improvement of productivity and efficiency in the construction and facilities management industry. Members engage in national-industrial programs that aim to change the organization, process and technology of the industry. BuildingSMART is an IAI initiative that offers an industry-wide forum for the industry and government to work through due process to identify, test, review, recommend, and implement smart ways to deliver quality buildings and services to the facility owner.

For more information on the IFC, the IAI, and BuildingSMART, visit www.iai-na.org

More about GSA

For more information about the General Services Administration and its BIM initiatives, visit www.gsa.gov/bim

Nemetschek North America is a wholly-owned subsidiary of European software giant Nemetschek AG. A global leader in design technologies, Nemetschek N.A. has been developing CAD software for the AEC, entertainment, landscape design, and manufacturing fields since 1985. VectorWorks, its flagship product, is one of the world's best-selling cross-platform CAD applications. An all-in-one solution that's easier to learn and use and more cost-effective than most other CAD programs, VectorWorks is ideal for firms that don't have unlimited IT budgets. For more information, visit www.nemetschek.net

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