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VW, boot camp XP and Vista

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Has anyone tried using VW 12.5 for Windows on an intel mac under bootcamp ? I read a May 2007 Macworld article that stated contradictory things..... it said bootcamp with XP was best ("near native") for speed, but also said 3D applications worked poorly, while stating bootcamp used both duo core processors (Parrallels did not). I'm confused. (I am curious because I am thinking of changing from a Windows PC to a Mac ... but my VW license is Windows.) Katie: can you make a recommendation ? Does VW 12.5 work well under bootcamp and does it work better with Vista or XP Pro ?

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I use it just about every day using bootcamp and a 4-month old mac laptop.

I don't notice any speed differences between running Windows using Bootcamp and Windows on my desktop PC.

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I am not too sure whether bootcamp supports Vista yet or not .. I'd personally stick to Win XP period for the Windows OS.

Many hardware manufactures are still trying to push out stable drivers right now.

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In the US:

Dongled - yes. Non-dongled - platform specific.

Outside of the US:

Please contact your local distributor for specifics.

Yes - The RenderWorks portion of VectorWorks takes advantage of dual processors. This only applies to RenderWorks render modes.

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OK thanks for that Katie. In that case it does beg the question would it not be more straightforward for NNA and the VARs to make ALL versions cross platform dongled or not (I assume the non dongled versions are node locked in some way?). Are there plans to introduce Adobe like activation? This would allow users to chop and change as required.

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