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"Through the Viewport" Problem

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Anyone else having trouble with going 'through the viewport' to get to the design layers on large files?

I have a few files where VW stubbornly refuses to go through the viewport (Edit Viewport > Design Layer) and just sits there even when repeatedly attempting to do it.

It's really annoying because I don't use the Saved Views anymore as these just duplicate the viewport settings...but I can't get to my views now!

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Christiaan, you're a genius..or at least very helpful. I had always double-clicked, rather than right-click.

The right-click works great even on the troublesome viewports. I assumed this just invoked the same command...but actually this is at least 5 times as fast to actually regenerate the Design Layers too! Wonder why this is??


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It sounds like your double click behavior of the viewports has been set to something other than "take me back to the design layer" editing mode.

When you right click on the Viewport, choose the desired double click behavior, or leave it set to "Take me to this dialog" to choose which editing mode you want when double clicking.

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