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Problem with Intel Macs and images disappearing

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Has anyone else come across a problem whereby bitmap images disappear after being opened or saved on an Intel-based Mac, leaving just an image placeholder (box with cross)?

In our case we have a logo in our titleblock symbol, which keeps going walkabout and I think it's related to an Intel-based Mac laptop.

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Have you checked that it's not a class visibility issue?

If the rest of your titleblock is ok, make sure that the image is in the same class as everything else in your titleblock. Back when I switched to VW, I ran into a problem with the image in my titleblock disappearing seemingly at random, sometimes with the placeholder showing, sometimes without. After a couple weeks of "Where the h*** did it go? It was there this morning/yesterday/two days ago?" and "Why does **** it show up in that document but not in this one?" Turns out, when I created the titleblock, I placed the image in a different class than the other elements, and the class in question was either greyed out or invisible in the "problem" documents. Moving the image to in the same class as the rest of the elements in the titleblock took care of the problem.

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There's a Document Preference that may also be contributing to this issue.

In Doc Prefs, there's an option called "Bitmap Display" under the Resolution tab.

When set to reduced resolution, you may see the bounding box depending on size of image and zoom factor.

When set to "bounding box" all you see is the bounding box with an X through it.

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