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Viewports to be None Class by default

mike m oz


After opening a recent file I discovered that several of the Viewports I had created had disappeared. This had occurred because I had created the Viewports when I was in a Class that is normally invisible (except for when it is being worked in).

This is a very easy mistake to make, and has the potential to trap both inexperienced and experienced users out. If Viewports where automatically assignd to the None Class it couldn't occur.

I might be wrong but I can't forsee a context when you would ever want them to be another Class.

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I do design/shop drawing for custom cabinetry. All my drawings are 2D unless I decide to render a room, then I don't use layers at all. I use 8 layers for different scales, then use saved views and classes for each page of my drawings. I don't always use viewports, only when a room is too big for a page ("D" size). I always want to work on a room whole with the same wall plan on each page of the plan sections for accuracy so I can't forget to change some pages. When I need to use viewports in this instance I don't want my layer menu cluttered up with more than the one sheet layer. This is the work flow I adopted when viewports first came out. I guess with the navigation pallette I could probably work with multiple sheet layers. This now seems easier to do than explain, if you would like me to send you an example email me at cad(at)raylibby.net

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Why not have a new 'blessed' Viewport Class and avoid reassignment of the None Class altogether ? The None Class should be reserved for User declared 'None' not for the VW declared object types... just as Dimensions default to C=Dimension. Text default > C=Text. Loci > C=Loci... etc..

All Object Types should default to their own 'blessed' classes. Additionally, this would simply selections and cleaning up imports.

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