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End of file error when importing VW ver. 10 file



I know this area is really more designated toward dwg/dxf imports, but, being new to vectorworks, I'm just looking for some input that might point to the obvious.

Here's the scenario:

We had an outside design firm put together an exhibit booth design using a combination of custom drawn objects and our standard product, all drawn in vectorworks ver. 12 (or 12.5). We received the file from them, and I had to tweak a few of our items, mainly re-setting them into position, but really nothing more than that.

Many of our customers may still be on ver. 10, so we exported the file to version 10, but when I try to open it back up to make sure everything is there, I get an end of file error, plus another dialog stating that the file may have been created by either a newer version of vw or a old minicad version.

Is this supposed to happen? Is it that only version 10 can open v. 10 files?

Next step is to get tech support to look at the file, maybe there's a corrupt item in the file, that isn't showing up until I try to convert?

TIA for any input/suggestions.

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This should not happen. If you export it as a VW10 file, then open it, it should open with the "This file was created in an earlier version..." message. Experiment with the original file - that way you'll know if it is the items that you created/edited or the original information. Cut and paste some of the objects into a new, blank file and then do the export - open procedure. See if it works that way. I usually do about half of the objects in one file and half in another, and gradually eliminate the good objects until I am left with the offender. Often, you can then redraw the bad object from scratch in the main drawing and cure it that way.

Let us know how it goes...

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We're running ver 12.5.1, just updated. I haven't had a chance to try and segregate out different types of objects yet to see if there's an illegal object in there yet, I've been dealing with the other issue I posted in the tech area with my worksheet, but I'm going to try it today if I can. I'll keep everyone posted. Thanks.

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