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Toggle On/Off Zoom Line Thickness

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Browsing through my workspace editor, I could not find a way to create a key shortcut to toggle on and off zoom line thickness.

Is this possible?



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Are you on a PC? If so, you have to know where to place the cursor at the end of the line where a shortcut key would display (if it were there), click and highlight an invisible text entry box, then enter your key choice. Simple, huh?

If you're on a Mac, with the menu command highlighted, just type the key choice and it magically appears where it should.



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You can use the following VectorScript to toggle any of the Boolean ("yes-no") preferences in VectorWorks:


PROCEDURE Boolean_Pref_Toggle;

{Set kPref below to the value from the fol-

lowing list to toggle the stated preference:

Click-Drag Mode = 0

Offset Duplicates = 1

Full Screen Cursor = 2

Show Screen Hints = 3

Floating Datum = 4

Snap To Loci = 5

Show Rulers = 6

Show Scroll Bars = 7

No Fill Behind Text = 8

Zoom Line Thickness = 9

Black and White Only = 10

Use Layer Colors = 11

Log Time in Program = 12

Adjust Flipped Text = 13

Show Other Objects While In Group = 14

Show 3D Axis Labels = 15

Use Black Background = 16

Use Eight Selection Handles = 17

Use Sound = 18

Issue Undo Warnings = 19

Opaque SmartCursor = 20

Stop VectorScript on Warnings = 21

Left Palette Margin = 22

Right Palette Margin = 23

Use Save Reminder = 24

Show Parametric Constraints = 25

Display Minor Alerts on Mode Bar = 27

Associate Dimensions = 28

Spell Check Capitalized Words = 29

Spell Check Words in ALL CAPS = 30

Spell Check Mixed Case Words = 31

Spell Check Words With Numbers = 32

Auto Join Walls = 33

Show Page Breaks = 34

Show Grid = 35

Print Grid = 36

Snap To Grid = 37

Snap To Object = 38

Save By Time = 39

Save Confirm = 40

Save To Backup = 41

Palette Docking = 43

Create Dimensions in Dimension Class = 44

Accelerated 2D Navigation = 45

Use Vector Caching = 46

Sketch Hidden Line = 47

Snap to Edge Points = 48

Show Page Boundary = 49

Display Default Content = 130}


kPref = 9;






You can use the VectorScript Plug-in Editor (use of which is a little beyond the scope of this thread) to make any number of toggle commands, any of which can be included in your workspace and given a command key.

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I second that! Robert and Andrew thanks for the tips. I've been using the program for ... well a long time and this post got me to write my first plug-in. Yay ... whole new worlds opening up.

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