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Problems with Mac version with network dongle across subnets

Robert Henderson


Has anyone else had success getting VectorWorks to run outside the subnet the license manager is on? I'm currently having issues with getting our installation to work. PCs seem to be fine and the Macs are fine if within the same subnet as the server.

I have installed the nethasp.ini file for the mac clients with no success and disabled firewalls. I can ping the server that it is running on. Am I missing something?

Using OS X 10.4.9 and VectorWorks 12.5.1. License Manager is running on a Windows 2003 server.


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This has NEVER worked for us. Using Mac OS X server across subnets. It seems that the nethasp.ini file is not found and read. There is no documentation about where to put this file. The location since 12.0.1 has changed or at least is not working. From my network diagnostics it appears that VW does not even attempt to contact the server and does not know about it.

I have contacted tech support twice and after being told that we will hear back shortly they do not return calls. Spending another 45 minutes on the line to hear that they will call us back is not a good use of my time. The update to 12.5 has been impossible for us. We assume that makes VW end of life software.

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They don't *HAVE* to be on the same subnet. If they are though, the network dongle requires a pointer file (.ini) to connect to the local computers. Actually, it's the other way around - the local computer needs to know where to "search" and connect to the network dongle. The pointer file (.ini) alerts VW and the computer which subnet to look and force the connection.

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