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Custom background color

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A user in our office has requested a background color other than black or white. Does anyone know of a plug-in or script that allows customization of the BG color? I am not, of course, referring to RenderWorks layer backgrounds.

One sloppy workaround would be to have a huge rectangle of a desired color on a dedicated layer, with a Saved View that would activate that layer. Not perfect though ...

Should I x-post this to Wish List?

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Having a color other than black or white as the background is a big undertaking with reference to the color palette, and would become a big issue if the file was read by anyone using a background other than their user specific color.

Is there a specific color they are looking for?

As it is not - the black and white colors in the color palette are reversed depending on whether the background is black or white. This is why you can open a file created on a black background with white pens and see the pens as black on a white background.

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i have used both black- in my ACAD days, and now white. white seems so much better, especially since it is the medium of choice for documents. if glare or eye strain is an issue, you can play with the monitor brightness controls. just curious why a color is requested?

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