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Undo comand

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Thank you for your input. We here at Diehl Graphsoft, Inc. are committed to our customers. From customer suggestions many new additions to our programs have evolved over the years.

There is a "Wish List" that we enter suggestions such as yours into so that the engineers can look at the need, feasibility and utility of these "wishes." Your suggestion has been entered onto this list.

Again, thank you for your contribution.

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Here is more for VW Santa:

- Suporting framing or multiple windows what people call it, so you can see Top/Left,Right/Side/ISO views at once.

- Suporting Direct3D so we who works with two monitors can use comands where they are not to run back on the Main screen all the time.

-Docking palets INCLUDING Atribute palet so you can put it on the top or botom where it belongs. Please leave Info palet as it is.

-Change of colour of the entity/object when you put it in the edit mode, so you can finaly reckognize what you are editing-eg.when you have so many walls with same start point and height!

-Lock all other entities/object when some or others are in edit mode, so you can NOT unintentionaly move/grab/snep other objects adjoining edit objects.

Those are major wishes, all other tech. MISTAKES I hope your programers will fix through the time.

And just keep in mind VW IS THE BEST program for the money you can buy for Arch purposes with so many beautiful features and options.

Plese try to maintain that position

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Originally posted by Ves Mandaric:

Plese split UNDO comand to Undo-edit and Undo-view. Right now you undo zooms, pane, or any view or comand what is NOT CRITICAL OR DANGEROUS for file. Undo-view is not needed at all!

There's method to our madness. It's important for users to be able to see what has been undone when they undo something. Without this sort of feedback, a user might hit undo several times and wonder why the undo command seems not to work. Meanwhile, they may be undoing things that they don't mean to, and only discover the consequences of their actions later on when it's too late to redo them. Including view changes as undoable events provides a natural way to ensure that you see the consequences of each undo.

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