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Relentless Crashes

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I assume that by corruption you are referring to defragmentation. Windows XP comes with a bare bones defrag utility. The same company, Diskeeper, sells superior versions - Home & Pro. They run in the background and defrag during idle periods. I think Vista will have one of these as the built in product. Has a free 30 day trial period.


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I prefer Drive Genius and TT Pro to Disk Warrior because they offer additional diagnostic capabilities, but there's absolutely nothing wrong with DW.

For data recovery, I've had significantly better success with Data Rescue II than with Disk Warrior, and on a couple of occasions, I've used Data Rescue II to recover data from HDs that DW refused to mount.


Fragmentation and corruption are usually thought of as separate issues.

"Fragmentation" occurs when a file is broken up into several chunks that are scattered across the HD rather than written in a contiguous block. It doesn't directly affect the integrity of files, it takes longer for a file to load. Optimizing invloves gathering all a given file's chunks together and writes them to a contiguous block on the HD. It generally also involves sorting and prioritizing all the files on a disk by type, so that the most frequently used files of a given type are written toward the rim of the disc (where read/write access is fastest) and less frequently used files are written toward the center.

Disk/file corruption occurs when there are problems with integrity of the disk/file, and can render a disk/file unreadable. Examples of corruption include things like crosslinking, scrambled File Allocation Tables, file permission errors, lost clusters, broken file associations, extents, and/or b-trees, time/date errors, etc.

If you're familiar with Norton SystemWorks (which, IMO, is a dog with fleas and should be avoided at all costs), "SpeedDisk" deals with file fragmentation; "Norton Disc Doctor" deals with disk/file corruption.

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