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Combining VW files?!

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I have a 2 story hotel where each floor is a separate file. I want to combine the files/models to make exporting to artlantis simpler and to view both levels in VW. . . Can this be done simply? I want to keep all the layers and sheet that are set up. . .

Also, is there a "live elevation" in VW12? I have tons of interior elevations and cutting sections to view the elevations seems like it would make the drawing very cluttered.


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Use Work Group Reference. Make sure no layers have the same name in both files, then pick one to be the parent file. I'd probably work from a copy. From the parent, WGR to the daughter file and bring in the needed layers. If you truly want to "merge" the two, break the link but keep the elements. Now you have everythingin one file.

You don't mention which version of VW you're using. . .please read http://techboard.nemetschek.net/ubbthrea...age=0#Post77492

. . .but yes, VW12 does have some very advanced "live" sectioning capabilities. It works as well as your model is complete and there are numerous features to master. You'd do well to search these boards for threads related to sections and viewports.

Keep posting & asking.

Good luck,

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