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Door schedule and quantities

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I tried searching, can't seem to find an answer that works...

I've generated a door schedule using the VA Create Schedule command, which left me with a worksheet with all of my doors in it. Each one is labeled, D-01, D-02, etc. according to its type (identical doors repeat over the course of the building, so we're using door types instead of listing each door.) I can summarize the door types in the worksheet fine.

What I can't figure out is:

1) How to tabulate quantities of each door type? I've inserted a "Quantity" column and tried using the Count and Sum operators in the database header row on the type column with no success (I get either a boolean or door type output, but no number.) I've also entered "1" in the UserFld1 value in my doors and tried to + them in the worksheet, but again not had success.

2) All of my dimensional information adds together for summarized door types. So (4) D-02 doors at 7'-0" tall show up as 28'-0" tall in my "height" column. I can summarize that column as well so it displays correctly, but VW apparently only allows you to summarize (3) columns in a given worksheet. I have 5+ fields that would require it. Do I need to make multiple worksheets and stitch them together in order to get my data to display correctly?

Also, why can't we edit certain PIOs? I modified the Door PIO in an effort to get my worksheets to work and it essentially destroyed my VW install. Is there some kind of master list of ones we can modify and ones we can't? Would it be in the printed manual that didn't come with my 12.5 upgrade CDs?

Getting a little frustrated. Thanks for your help.

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stradlin, I hope I can shed a little light. Based on your post, you're pretty comfortable around the worksheet / database (congratulations! - this puts you in a rarified group to begin with!)

1. Instead of using a UserFld value for your count column, just go to the database row of your worksheet, find the column you want, and enter =1 . That's it. Now each of your individual rows should have the *number* 1 in each row, and the summarization by rows should give you totals.

2. You raise a good point here. 5 or 10 is better than 3, and N would be even better. I'll enter this as a bug and see if we can't fix this for the next major release.

As for PIO parameters, the official recommendations is that it's not a good idea to mess with them. Particularly the doors and windows, which are complicated (you probably noticed smile.gif ). What changes were you trying to do? Maybe we should get it in as a wish item.

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1) Thanks. That's annoyingly simple. I feel kind of dumb.

2) Can I approximate the summarize function on my totaled dimension cells with some sort of script or operand? I just tried dividing them by my new quantity cells, but the answers came back incorrect, I think due to the difference in formatting (decimal vs. dimensional.)

Edit: Also- why is it that in a drawing when I type in '1' the dimension assumed is 1", whereas in a worksheet the assumed dimension is 1'-0"?

re: Door PIOs- I tried to change the UserFld1 to Quantity, the format to decimal, and the default to 1, in an effort to give each door a numerical value that would auto-total in a worksheet. This caused any drawing I opened that included a door PIO to report infinite errors.

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stradlin, when you changed the userfld1 name, did you change the "alternate name"? The scripts rely on the parameter name, but you can change the alternate name to whatever you like.

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No, next time I feel like messing with PIO settings, I'll remember that.

Something I've just noticed- I included a Length conlumn in my wall style report worksheet. The Length function will report a wall that is 120" long as 120'-0" long. Of course, this can be resolved by dividing by 12, but there seems to be a deeper issue with how VW worksheets handle feet, inches, and decimal numbers, as I reported in my previous post. Either that, or I need to change something in my settings. My units are set at feet & inches.

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stradlin, what version are you using? I seem to remember a bug that was fixed that sounds like what you're experiencing...

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