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SHP files were not recognized in GIS database

dr paaj

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Here we have a problem with importing and exporting shp files.

In 12.5.1 we get a file out of an GIS database(autodesk mapguide) we can import it to our drawings and make modifications, when we export to the Gis database, the file wasn?t recognized.

When we imported a Gis-shp file and make no modifications, and export the file to the Gis database, the file wasn?t recognized.

When we try to see what happens with Gis viewer(ESRI) we see the geo reference was not edited correctly, VectorWorks make changes to the file with im- and exporting only(but that?s not useful)

Could it depend on the projection method: Lambert Conic, or UTM. Normal we use in Europe Lambert Conic, with the origin in France(I thought it was in Paris)

Is this projection method from ESRI?

ESRI and Autodesk told us the same, that it could depend on Lambert Conic or UTM.

Any tips or solutions are welcome...

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