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Line Trimming

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I have this repeated problem in VW 8.0 and also in VW 8.5.1.

I am having trouble trimmming intersecting lines at times.I know both lines connect at the time I draw them, but when I use the Command-T option to execute the trim, the lines do not trim. I have to go back, extend the intersecting lines and execute command again. Most times it will trim, sometime it still will not.

Am I the only one experiencing this type of problem?? Any solutions???

Thanks in advance,



Tom M. in PA

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Trim comand is very messy, compering to other programs, try not to use it, I think it is something with INTERNAL ACCURACY of the program, I foun today IT IS SIMPLY NOT HOLDING "0", that mean your lines are not touching each other, zoom all the vay and you will se that is a gap in them!

DGS people shoul fix this, if possible.

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I would have to disagree on your theory of only trimming with an intersecting line.

I have always trimmed from just a line intersection where the two lines just meet and you want to trim at that point. The trimming line does not have to extend past the trim point.My problem is that it does not always do it.Sometimes it works and then doesn't on the same drawing.


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I believe your problem may be a misunderstanding of what intersect means. In the case of the Trim tool and Trim command, the cutting object must "interesect" or pass through the object that is to be trimmed. A line or object that touches put does not cross another object does form an interesection and therefor cannot be used to execute either the trim tool or command. Thus you have to extend the cutting line or object through the object to be trimmed. A tool that would trim to a line as you described would however be handy.

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O.K. guys, this is the way it works. If you bring the 2 points together on lines and try to trim them 9 out of 10 times you will have success. Now if you try this with curved objects it may work 25% of the time, because of the difference in internal accuracy. If you are unsuccessful then intersect the lines so you have overhang on a side and then use the trim tool it should work most of the time.

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Thanks, I must be one of those who defy averages, for using either the trim tool or command resulted in far less than 9 of 10 successes. However I'm now able to get it to work with lines just touching just as you described. In the past I had such poor luck using trim that I assumed you had to have the cutting object cross the object to be trimmed. My mistake.

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Thanks for the comment! I know the way the trim command works as I have used MiniCad for the last 6 years. I have only started experiencing this problem after starting to use VW. I did not experience the problem with MC7.0 or 7.5.

My initial question was to see if it's my system or just the program. I have just loaded the 8.5.1 update from CD and I still occasionally have the same problem.

Thanks for the input,

Tom M.

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There is a difference in the order you select the lines to get the trim command to work.

Suppose you have 5 lines that are all intersected by another line (call this line Joe). To trim all of the five lines at Joe you need to have the 5 lines selected. Then hit cmd T and click on Joe. Voila, the five lines are split and Joe remains intact.

If however you want to trim one line at Joe, you need to select the objects in the opposite order. So now select Joe first. Press cmd T and click on the one line to split. This will still leave Joe intact and split the unselected line. This FEATURE has been this way since MiniCadd.

I think this might be why you are having trouble with the trim command. I find that this works whether Joe intersects the other line or only butts up to it.

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