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Wall cap thickness?


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Is there any way to give a wall cap a thickness to match the components in the wall? I'm working on some pilaster type walls that extend out from the building with a plaster finish wrapping around them. It would be nice to see the line of the plaster wrap around in plan view.

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You can get the wall caps to match a wall component line thickness by setting the graphic attribute under edit class dialoge window. The identical line thickness must also be set up in the wall style edit dialoge line thickness for the "Wall" and "Component". Experiment with these settings on just one simple wall before you change the setting in entire project. I use this type of setup for all of my wall styles...the differnt type walls (i.e. Interior, Exterior...) are on a seperate class with specific control values to match the style. You will find in your testing that the wall style edit for the "Wall" affects the 3D display as well as 2D color and thichness...the component edit will only affect the 2D display.

Hope this helps.

Pete A

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