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Generating reports/schedules and symbols

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I'm working on a project in which several plan layouts over various floors in a building are identical. When one is updated, all need to be updated. So, I set these layouts up as symbols so any changes will carry throughout.

I'm trying now to generate schedules and reports from the objects in the building. However, it appears that Vectorworks won't "go inside" a symbol to pick up door, window, wall, etc. information. Other than breaking apart the symbols in the drawing, is there any way to get the Create Report command to pull information out of embedded symbols? You can imagine why I would be reluctant to break the symbols, as there may be future layout revisions.


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On the Create Report window, click on the Options button. Here you can set Search in Symbols (or PIOs, if applicable). So long as you have the record attached to the appropriate elements inside the Symbol, the report generator will count each occurance of every record.

Good luck,

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