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colour coded preview

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following the radiosity guide, I'm trying to utilise the "colour coded preview" option offered by the radiosity custom settings dialogue.

I don't getting the preview for some reason. By that I mean, the image doesn't change from a rendering into a colour coded preview, which is what it should do. No, the rendering - the current one - just stays there untransformed into a coded preview. Darned puzzling..

Is this a Mac failing (I'm on a Mac Mini, running VW12.5.1 btw). Am I missing something ?


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This has happened to me sometimes.

Also, sometimes the preview mostly works, but the Triangles don't show up.

I haven't been able to discern any pattern as to why: it seems quite random. Generally re-starting the program fixes it for me.


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Hello ptarmigan:

Is this a complicated model? How much RAM does your machine have?

The reasons triangles might not show up are if the sizes are small enough that a lot of triangles will be generated then they won't be shown (it would slow down the preview a lot), or if the largest surface in the view is under some other surface or overlaps with another surface.

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i tried a simple model and the preview showed up: that proves the functionality is there

now i need to get the hang of rendering interiors and using lights

at the mo' everything seems too warm: seems difficult to get a straightforward colouring and light.

my white walls seems to be over-shaded, too grey

is there a good training resource available ?

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