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I can look that up on Sunday or Monday. Meanwhile, I think you can go to the gimp print website (search for it using a search engine) and all their supported printers are listed.

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I will need to plot sooner than later and x-rip is a lot cheaper than a new plotter. My 330 was refurbished at an HP service shop and is in new working condition - the 430 is just a newer name for the 330 with the same features and gimp may, in fact , drive it. Bottom line: I would consider a 430 if the price was right because, as you said, its got built-in OS support and the 330 won't last forever.

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In my history work with the guys over at Gimp and XRIP team directly, not to mention extensive lists of printers that are supported and to what level listed on the website - a lot of the older, especially HP plotters, are not fully supported by Gimp. And the same is true for XRIP. The older printers are rather difficult to match with more modern technology. (Which the 330 is one of)

You are lucky you have an encad plotter - the technology to create a print driver to work with an encad is much more simple than that of an HP plotter.

My statement did not say it will not be available - you can reread it for yourself. I said it MAY not be available and to reference both Gimp and xRip directly.

There are certainly some printers better off with Gimp and some better off with XRIP.

My note was to look at the whole picture because many people recently moving to OS 10 think they have to stay with a rip software to print - which is not necessarily the case these days. It's an unnecessary expense in many cases - but not all cases.

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If your on a new Mac v10.4.9 then use CUPS with Gutenprint , If earlier than TIGER then use CUPS with GIMP. OSX uses CUPS exclusively thereby eliminating the need for printer specific drivers. But print specific PPDs are essential and available from GIMP and/or Gutenprint and many come pre-installed with OSX.

this page lists all the supported printers:


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