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VW 12.5.1 Font Issues...?

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Here is another interesting 'glitch' which has only appeared since installing VW12.5.

I have a new set of drawings I just did last week with 3 layers. I have one font used throughout the document.

When I opened up the drawing this morning, I went to add a 'Callout', my favorite tool. The screen locked and flicked for 5 -10 secs or so, as usual, and then I entered the text in the callout dialog box. Low and behold, the font is now different and not the font used in the rest of the document.

I have had this happen a few weeks ago and didn't pay much attention to it.

We are using the same drawing style as we have since the MiniCad days and after we save a drawing and then reopen it sometime later the font is always the same as what was used on the drawing.

It seems that VW12.5.1 just picks a font randomly when opening the drawing as one day it opened with Martel, one time it opened with a Bar Code font and today it opens with Lucinda.

Any idea what is going on??

Still muddling along.......

Tom in PA

Win XP sp2

VW12.5.1 Fundamentals

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Just opened another recent file this morning and it opened with the font 'Lucinda san Unicode', a font that we have never used before.

Anyone have any idea what is happening??

Anyone form NNA want to take a stab at it??


Tom in PA

WinXP SP2, VW12.5.1 Fundamentals

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Hello Tom.

We?d like to gain some more information and test files if possible. Unfortunately, having a test file where the problem has already occurred will not help us.

-Do you have any files where this problem can be duplicated at will or does the occurrence seem random?

-When you see the problem, is the file being opened in VectorWorks 12.5.1 for the first time or has it been opened/saved in a previous version of VectorWorks 12?

-The font that was changed, is this a system font that comes with Win XP or was it purchased separately (perhaps coming with another application)?

Thanks for any additional information you might be able to provide.



Quality Assurance

Nemetschek North America

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Thanks for the reply.

Most of the files that this happened on were either from 11.5.1 or 12.0. I recently upgraded to 12.5.1 and that is when I started to see this issue.

I'll do some digging to see where the font is from. I am thinking it is either a Windows XP font or Office font. As I stated I have seen it happen with at least the two fonts mentioned. It is very annoying at the least.

I also have some 12.5 files that were re-opened with a 'screwy' font. I have never seen this happen with any other version, all the way back to MiniCad, that is waht surprised me.

An old timer once told me '....the cause of every problem is a change'.

I'll see if I can find a file that will repeat the error.

Thanks again,

Tom in PA

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I also had this problem. VW 12.5.1 was selecting a font that had no visible characters - that was fun to figure out! I wound up creating my own default.sta template with Arial Narrow selected and 10 point size selected, as well as all my other picky little preferences. That took care of the problem.

I am not sure what was happening, but I am speculating that VW was looking at the workspace and the default template for clues. Somehow the default font was a symbols font, which did not have enough printing characters to be visible. Not to mention that the font size was set to 0.

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I've seen the font size reduce to 0 when a dwg/dxf has been imported with an abnormal font size.

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First, thing I always do is select and convert all the fonts to my system fonts and

size=10pt and style = plain. Then re-size and style them as required , later.

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