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symbols taking on different class attributes

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Is there a function in VW which allows symbols to take on the attributes of a different class than what it was created in originally?

In ACAD, if you create a block (symbol) in layer 0 and then place it to a destination layer, the block will take on the attributes of the destination layer.

Is there a similar function in VW? I have tried with class none, but it doesn't operate the same way.

Would be useful for many different things so I don't have to draw multiples of one object.

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for instance, if I have an existing lighting symbol that is being demolished, then I want to show it dashed, but I should be able to use the same symbol as a solid line if I want it retained.

When doing office layouts showing workstations, I need to show a proposed layout, but also show potential for future growth on a floor plan, i want to be able to use the same workstation symbol, but have it a different colour to identify future growth. Currently, I have to duplicate the same symbol, edit the symbol and change its class.

That is why I want to be able to use the same symbol that will take on the attributes of different classes rather than creating two symbols that are the same but just different class allocations.

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This is were the power of Class attributes really shines.

Create a Hybrid Light Symbol and then assign a different Class to each of the elements.

For example, a dashed red outline for the 'Demolition Class' and a dashed green line for the 'Future Class'.

Use Viewports to manipulate the class visibilities.

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I'm not sure if this works for symbols. Nor am I sure if it is a good idea at all. Scheduling (eg) would become quite a lot more complicated and error-prone.

Conceptually, things like "Demolition" and "Future" are, in my view, either "Layer" things or "Object Properties"; in case of symbols, the symbol name is the only applicable "property".

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We create a whole apartment(building) plans with different classes and then create a symbol.

we then turn classes on and off depending on what we want

to show in the VP i.e furniture, text, wall types, door types or ID etc...

the symbol is usually resides on the None Class but the object inside the symbols has many classes

that method has been around since forever

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