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Ghost Objects

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About an hour into a project I returned to a previous layer and found certain objects in gray which could not be selected or removed. Smart cursor cues seemed to function, but other than that dead in the water. Started new file and same thing occured. A few years ago I lost a major drawing to something similar. Grave uncertainty. I am using VW 12.5.1 (just updated) on OS X 10.4.8. Any ideas and thanks

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At the top of your Navigation Pallet (or View>Class & Layer Options) check to make sure you don't have Gray/Snap Others turned on for either Layers or Classes. This setting would allow you to smart cursor the objects but not select them if they're not on the active layer or class.

Good luck,

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You can also right click on the object and select force select and it should select it and if you look at your object info pallet it will tell you the layer & classof the object. Katie told me about this it is great.


xp pro sp2

dual 3gh 3gb

VW 12.5.1

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If an object or series of objects is gray, but still visible and snappable, it's not corrupt. There's a class option and layer option that does just this.

The force select just merely changes the active class and/or layer so it appears to be "fixed".

It's simply just a matter of class and/or layer visibility options.

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