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GetType inside of a group


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How do you GetType of an object inside of a group?

I have a line inside of a group. If I enter the group and select the line, the OIP tells me that the selected object is a line. But if I run a vectorscript on this on this line with a GetType function it returns the integer 11 (group), not 1 (line).

In other words, a GetType function run on a selected object inside of a group finds the group not the selected object.

Is this working as intended, or is there some way around it?

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I found this Tips last week.

procedure test_GetSObj;
SelectedObjects = 2;
TraverseShallow = 0;
EditableLayers = 4;
hSObj	:handle;

function DoObject(h:handle):boolean;
	hSObj:= h;
	DoObject:= true;

hSObj:= nil;
ForEachObjectInLayer(DoObject, SelectedObjects, TraverseShallow, EditableLayers);
if hSObj = nil then
	Message('object = none')
	Message('object type = ', GetType(hSObj));

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