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batch printing on epson


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I've encounterd recently the following problem: every time I try to batch print on my epson printer, the printer hangs. Since I have previously been able to batch print, and I haven't changed neither the computer or the printer, is it a bug with VW12.5etc or with the Apple gimp driver? has anyone else encountere similar problems?


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This might be better posted in the Printing area. But I'll have a go.

We use Epson extensively and strongly prefer their drivers over the Gimp drivers shipped w/Apple's OS. You can download the latest/greatest directly from Epson's website.

The only time I can remember our printers "hanging" the problem turned out to be memory. You're potentially creating a pretty big memory hog with a batched job, especially if it contains a number of fonts/hatches/patterns and color. We use a MacMini (CoreDuo) with 1.5g of memory as our print server. It works flawlessly.

Good luck,

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