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Viewing internal Layer Links in a Model Layer


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I'm designing a building where I've got multiple similar floors. Since it's easier to edit a repetitive symbol, I've made one for a typical floor and layer linked it to the different layers instead of pasting the symbol on each ( trying out this idea) ... but, ... when I go to the model layer where all the floor layers are linked ... I can't see these internal layer links. Is this a bug or am I expecting too much?...

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Linking the floor to the different layers isn't going to change the height of the floor to meet the needs of the height of the other layers.

Is this an overall floor plan, or literally a floor object?

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It's an overall floor design converted to a symbol ... not a floor object ... I thought that, having specified a floor Z and layer height for the different layers, this would work ... instead of pasting the floor design symbol in every layer ( just another way of referencing layers ?...) I just assumed that it would show the layer contents in the model layer (including layer links) ... but it doesn't ...

What I wanted to do is, reduce additional procedures (copy-paste etc...) by linking ...

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Since it's easier to edit a repetitive symbol, I've made one for a typical floor and layer linked it to the different layers instead of pasting the symbol on each ( trying out this idea)

It seems you are using two techniques simultaneously and defeating the purpose of each.

EITHER you make a symbol and place an instance of it on each layer representing a floor at a certain z-level OR you have one actual "design layer" and links to in on each layer (as above). I certainly recommend the latter option in general, but there are situations where the former is (perhaps) more appropriate or at least workable.

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You're absolutely right, Petri, with regards to creating a floorplan symbol and layerlinking it ...

But the fact remains that layer linking either; a floorplan design or, it's symbol, won't show the contents of this 'linked layer', in the model layer, and that's the problem.

I was to try avoiding, copy-pasting on every floor, searching for alternate working methods...

It just seems that, I'll HAVE to paste a physical copy of the floorplan on each individual layer, so that it may appear in the model view.


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I'm not sure what you're doing. "In the model layer"? There is no single "model layer". There may be a sheet layer; otherwise, all "design layers" are independent. You may choose to show one or more of them.

I think I am getting a picture, though. You may have discovered a problem. I'll think about this, but in my part of the world, it is bedtime.

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Sorry, it's been a little difficult to explain what I'm doing...

Basically I'm using different layers for different floors (all of which have different Z and identical layer heights) of these layers 9 have the same flooplan ... so I thought that if I designed the floorplan on one, I could layer link it to the others. all fine up to there... but when I created a 'model' layer to see all of the others together I couldn't see the 'linked" floors ... I tried doing a symbol of the original floorplan to see if that helped ... but nope! so I ended up copying the symbol on each individual layer .. that obviously works, but it seems to me that if a 'linked' layer has a 2D and 3D representation of another, it should also work when you link them all together .... well anyways ... don't let it keep YOU up late ... I'll keep trying ... thanks anyways Petri. Have a good night ...

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A Symbol = closed protected container, only editable from within the Group .

A Layer = modifiable container editable via the non-protected Layer Group. Therefore,

creating a Symbol of Linked modifiable Layers violates the prime directive for a closed protected non-modifiable Symbol container.

If it were possible to modify symbols via layers then one could create a different Layer for each of the Symbol components ... link the layers and modify the Symbol simply by changing the object(s) on the Layer(s).

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I think it's creating a circular linking, which may get a little sticky.

Rather than using a symbol - if the floor plan is the same, simply copy the part that's the same and paste it in place on the remaining design layers.

I think the method/approach you are using is making it more challenging than the situation needs.

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Don, you save no time by creating a layer link of the symbol in multiple layers. It is actually faster to just copy the symbol from one layer to another. I assume that each of your layers has a different z value, and that each of these layers is visible in the model layer via Layer Links.

Nested links will show up in your model layer (in version 12.5.1, don't recall how other versions treat this). However, if the different design layers don't have different z levels (or, alternatively, if you haven't placed each story's symbol at an appropriate height), all of your layer links will be superimposed in the model layer. But again, why go that way when pasting the floor symbol is faster and easier than selecting View->Create Layer Link, then choosing from the layers?

Further, let's think out of the box a bit. The advantage of having a different layer for each story is that you can isolate each one to work on it separately. If all of your stories are so identical that you can make a single symbol to represent them, why bother with story segregation by layer? Just paste multiple symbols using "Duplicate Array" at different elevations into a single layer. The stack of symbols becomes your model. Edit the floor symbol in symbol edit space.

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P Ret ...

One of my directives in trying this out was the fact that having just one symbol and 'virtually' showing links of it, in other layers, would reduce the 'weight' of the document, which for some reason weigh up to 200Mb in large projects. And as you say, I HAVE different layer Z's ( I know that the original template, may contain unused textures and object symbols etc... that add to the overall weight. and that by purging them I can reduce it, but, I generally do that once I'm in the final stages of a project.)

Katie ... you are maybe right the situation can be solved the way you and everyone says. My only question really was to mention the fact that I couldn't SEE linked layer instances in a separate Model layer ....

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I doubt your file size is affected to that extent by the number of objects. It usually bloats because of images, either imported or stored by viewports. But I'd be curious to know if you have tinkered and discovered how much the various strategies for displaying a floor add to the file size.

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