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Mini Cad Questions. ?

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I was wondering if someone can help or at least point me in the right direction.

My friend is using minicad 7.0 on a MACG3

he is using a HP Plotter (450) and everything is working fine. what he wants to do now is

put the plotter up on his network. Some one has suggested that he gets a HP Jet direct card for the plotter to allow him to get an ethernet option for the machine.

My Question now is can anyone suggest a plotter software solution to allow his mac

and mine both plot to the plotter. I have heard of a package called power plot.

Will this do? or can anyone give me a few pointers.

we both have G3's and just got a ethernet hub

to connect to each other, all we need now is the plotter. ?

can any one help. ?

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I just purchased a Jet Direct external for my HP350C. I have the 500x - 3 port, so I can include my desktop printer and a future printer or all-in-one type faxc/copier. It was very easy to install and works like a charm. I also use powerplot, but it has been discontinued. Luckily they updated the driver for the HP350 about a year ago, so I am safe until a new plotter comes along =-). Microspot is the only other company I know of for Mac plotting. HTH.

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