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Plotting Problems

David McAlpine


We are running two Intel macs and 2 ppc macs. We have alway had a problem with the intel mac that we use as a working server, which simply won't print to the DesignJet 800 plotter. If you send a print file it just disapears. We've re-installed Vectorwork multiple times. Even making .pdf files and printing those, the files rarely come out clean (they don't rotate and sometimes crash the plotter.)

The other 3 computers all worked fine, but this morning the server crashed and froze the other Intel mac in the middle of trying to print a file. On re-starting everything, all of the DesignJet preferences are gone from the Intel mac (papersizes, etc. although it still shows the printer.) Suggestions?

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You might be using a printer driver that is not compatible with an Intel mac.

What I do in my office is use the PPC mac as a print server, via AppleTalk, and my printer as a shared printer. The Intel Mac merely sends the print instructions through the PPC server and the prints happen.

What I find happens is that the printing output does not follow the print order. This happens with both VW and PowerCadd. If I print A1, A2, A3, A4, it will print A1, A4, A2, A3. That's odd, but all of the line thicknesses, the page setup and the color setup seem to work.

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I've seen this happen a few times. When moving to an intel machine and installing printers, some play well with others while others don't.

Reset the printing options in the Print Center.

This will delete all the printers and get rid of extra junk left over from messy driver installs.

Then use the print utility to add the printers back one at a time.

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Recently , completed a comprehensive tutorial on the subject of CUPS.

Type this url into Safari , " "

The latest CUPS 1.2.10 is very slick and helps clear up the problems.

Console>logs>cups will display the step-by step process and errors.

This is the path to your PPD > " /Library/Printers/hp "

or use this one:

" /Library/Printers/PPDs/Contents/Resources/en.lproj/HP Designjet 800 PS3.gz "

CUPS is dependent on the correct PPD for your plotter.

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