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Batch Convert-Does it run update plug in


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Robert et al

I'm planning on converting a whole bunch of files from 11.5 to 12.5.1 soon.

When we run the "batch convert" command is it automatic that the utility "Update Plug-In Objects" is run? Or do I have to do that manually on each drawing?

If it's manual:

If I continue to reference files without updating plug-ins am I running any risks?



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You shouldn't need to run the command on VW 11 files, unless there's a specific legacy object in the file.

Are you having a problem with an object, or just typically running this command on all converted objects, thus asking about batch convert ?

The batch convert does not update the plugin objects to the most recent version if there are legacy items in the file.

I suspect there may be a way to do this via VectorScripting, but I would think about whether there's truly a need for this before going down that road.

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All the update plugin command does is update older plugin objects to the current version. Most of these plugin objects haven't been used since VW 8, although there are a few unique situations.

Unless you are converting a VW 8 file OR you used legacy plugin objects to insert doors/windows/stairs, etc., you shouldn't need to run the command.

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