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How to set Lighting inside a room


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I'm Relatively new to VW

Simple Question, What is the best way to illuminate a room, (with the Ceiling included as visible).

Moving lights Z elev. does'nt seem to matter that much.

I would like to have the light source for the model come from real 3d Lights,(in ceiling, under cabinet, etc) as one could buy and install.

Or second best, use a stock light somehow.

IS this possible in VW, I have VW Designer 12.5.1

Thanx for any help

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Hey Man,

VW 12.5 comes with stock lighting lamps/bulbs in the resource library (lamps-accurate) that you can choose to plop into your 3Dspace and render with "real" lighting...choose from fluorescents/halogen, etc. Another good tool(s) to look into is CONVERT TO LINE OR AREA LIGHT, which is quick and easy. best,t

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