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Advice Before I purchase software

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I've got a MacBook Pro (Intel) and need to purchase CAD Software. Many years ago I purchased MiniCAD 7 and it did everything I needed. Anyhow, when I purchased my new computer, I discovered that I can't run Classic Applications so I'll need to buy new software. I'm a small roofing contractor and use the software to draw my roof diagrams and flashing details. I've experimented with a number of inferior programs that don't have the features I need.

Some of the features I would like include:

dimensioning & scaling tools

Ability to add and clip surfaces

Which version of the software should I purchase?

Can I purchase an upgrade or do I need to buy the full program?

(MiniCAD 7 had all the features I needed so I never upgraded.)

Thanks for any advice you might have.


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VW Fundamentals will certainly meet your needs, but it might be overkill, both in terms of functionality and price.

If MiniCAD7 still meets your needs and you ran it under OS 8.1 or earlier, it might be worth checking out the Open Source 680x0-based Macintosh emulator Basilisk II. For later version (OS 8.5-9.2), check out one of the Open Source PPC emulators, such as SheepShaver or PearPC.

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Pain, despite the nuanced suggestion to make your OS work with VW 7.0, I stand by my advice. Given your statement that you add and subtract surfaces, I'm guessing that you will find the features now available in 12.5 worthwhile. Viewports, Connect/Combine tool, etc., all big steps up. Katie can probably tell you when moving multiple vertices using the 2d reshape tool came in, but I'm pretty sure it wasn't available in 7.

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We have standard purchasing and upgrade pricing.

The price you have been quoted is the upgrade price despite the software being over 7 years old.

It's very reasonable considering new, the software is almost 3 times that.

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